External Assistance Program Management Office

Public Institution The Office for the Management of External Assistance Programs (OMEAP) (originally called the Credit Line Directorate) was established in 1995 within the National Bank of Moldova in order to implement the credit line granted for private sector development, financed by the World Bank. The activity of the program is regulated by Government Decision No. 338 of June 6, 2000

The Office's mission is to coordinate and organize activities aimed at ensuring the implementation of public policies in the areas of competence.

Main tasks
  • contributing, based on relevant experience, to the formulation of proposals in the programming process related to cross-border and transnational cooperation programs;
  • ensuring the support of national beneficiaries in the process of submitting the funding application within the calls for projects of the cross-border and transnational cooperation programs;
  • ensuring the support of national institutions in undertaking the necessary actions for the designation and implementation, at all stages, of the national management and control system related to cross-border and transnational cooperation programs, but also at the implementation and monitoring stage;
  • contributing to ensuring the visibility of cross-border and transnational cooperation programs eligible for the Republic of Moldova;
  • ensuring the organization of trainings for beneficiaries, auditors/controllers and national institutions;
  • active participation in the process of evaluating project proposals submitted in calls launched in cross-border and transnational cooperation programs;
  • re-crediting and managing the resources of investment credit lines for development through eligible participating financial institutions, financed by external state loans and/or other funds and grants granted to the Office in management and accounting;
  • implementation of external assistance projects/programs.


Contacts OMEAP

Address: 57/1 Mitropolitul Bănulescu Bodoni Street, of. 304-307
Chisinau, Republic of Moldova

Tel..  +373 22 232 963
         +373 22 238 246
         +373 22 238 247
Fax: + 373 22 238 248

E-mail: ogpae@ogpae.gov.md

web: www.ogpae.gov.md