Transparent decision-making

Transparent decision-making implies the wide access of citizens, law-based associations and other stakeholders to the drafting and consultation of the decisions of the Ministry of Finance that may have social, economic, environmental impact, as well as stakeholders’ participation in the decision-making process and ensuring the authority’s legitimacy, effectiveness and accountability towards citizens.

It offers the opportunity to follow the complete process of a decision from its initiation to the final stage.

The main rules governing transparency of the decision-making process are Law No. 239-XVI of November 13, 2008 on transparent decision-making Government Decision No. 967 of August 9, 2016 „Concerning the mechanism of public consultations with the civil society in decision-making”, and the internal rules on information, consultation and participation in decisions drafting and adoption.

Contact details of the person responsible for coordinating the public consultation process within the Ministry of Finance: 

Lilia Caracicovschi, Principal Consultant, Policy Analysis, Monitoring and Evaluation Division

Phone: 022 26 26 71