In the Republic of Moldova will take place the competition of innovative projects in the field of public procurement Open Contracting Innovation Challenge

Mon, 17/05/2021 - 15:20 |

Applications for the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge have begun. You can propose your solution based on open data, which will help make public procurement in Moldova more transparent, efficient and fair, until 15 May.

The competition itself will be held in three countries - Moldova, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. Three teams from Moldova, which will take place in the final, will receive $ 5000 USD and individual expertise for the development of the project. Later, the jury will determine the winner, who will receive $ 15,000 USD to implement his idea. In Moldova, the competition will be held with the support of the Ministry of Finance and the Open Government Partnership.
You can apply and learn about all the conditions for participation in the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge on the competition website. Stay tuned for updates and important information about the competition on the event Facebook page.

What is the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge?

The competition is hosted by the international network Open Contracting Partnership, which is engaged in the transformation of public procurement and the discovery of contract data around the world. Public procurement is the world's largest market, and at the same time, this is where the main corruption risks in public finance lie.

The Open Contracting Innovation Challenge aims to support the development of open procurement data-driven tools for more efficient, equitable and fair use of public funds.

Who can take part in the competition?

The Open Contracting Challenge invites data journalists, civic tech professionals, hackers, open data enthusiasts, civic activists, and government innovators to submit projects. Ideally, the team should include public procurement, advocacy, and technical /IT experts. However, the organizers will help to find the appropriate technical experts if necessary. Participants must be willing to devote a lot of time and effort to their project and to participate in the program for the entire seven months.

What kind of projects can I submit to the competition?

We expect the participants to make decisions that can make public procurement in Moldova more transparent and fair. Your ideas for innovative tools should contribute to solving the problems of the Moldovan society.

Possible directions of projects:

  • Tools for quality monitoring of public procurement by media, journalists and NGOs;
  • Detection and prevention of fraud and corruption;
  • Simplification of market analysis and active participation in public procurement for business;
  • Helping authorities to ensure the best value for money in procurement;
  • Improving the professionalism of civil servants responsible for public procurement.

We believe that you know better what problems are priorities for solving in your country, and we will be happy to support ambitious projects using procurement data that solve problems, incl. not listed here.

A prerequisite is that open public procurement data must be used in projects. Ideally, you should use the API of the Moldovan public procurement system - MTender. But candidates can also use any other additional data sources to strengthen their projects (for example, data on beneficial owners, asset declarations, and others).

How to participate in the Open Contracting Innovation Challenge?

Submit an application with an idea of your project by 15 May, 2021 by filling out the application form . All applications will be assessed to ensure they meet the selection criteria

How will the competition take place?

All teams that meet the selection criteria proceed to the first stage of the incubation phase. Its participants will be announced on 21 May, 2021. 

During the first phase of the incubation phase (21 May – 25 June), participants will receive master classes to improve their project applications and prepare a five-minute presentation about their project. Until 24 June, the three strongest teams from Moldova will be announced, which will become the finalists of the Open Data Innovation Challenge. 

In the second phase of the incubation phase (25 June - 10 September), finalists will receive mentoring as well as individual expert support. Within three months, teams should develop minimum viable products (MVPs) and start implementing their tools. The jury will determine the winner from Moldova, who will receive financial support in the amount of $ 15,000 USD for the implementation of the developed tools.

During the implementation phase (10 September - 15 December), the winner will receive support in advocacy for their project and its communication.