The financing agreements within the Annual Action Program for 2018 (AAP 2018) of the European Union (EU) for the Republic of Moldova have been signed

Wed, 31/07/2019 - 11:46 |

On July 24, in Brussels, the 3 financing agreements under the Annual Action Program for the year 2018 (AAP 2018) of the European Union (EU) for the Republic of Moldova have been signed.

The maximum contribution of the European Union for the implementation of the programme is set at EUR 50.75 million, non-refundable assistance, including:

Expected results: Increased institutional and operational capacities of the existing specialised investigation and prosecutor's bodies for efficient and effective prevention and fight against corruption and money laundering;

Expected results: Increased institutional capacity of Local Public Authorities (Ungheni and Cahul) for the implementation of locally-driven, environmentally compliant, socio-economic development strategy for integrated local growth and development

Expected results: Increased participation of Moldova in EU programmes, promoting gender equality and empowering women through enhanced implementation of gender mainstreaming in local public policies, as well as combating domestic violence.

Expected results: Living conditions have improved on the two sides of the Nistru River through increased economic opportunities and jobs creation. Indicatively two Flagship conservation-restoration projects will be initiated: the conservation-restoration of the historical part of the Bender fortress and the conservation-restoration of the Circus of Chisinau in view to transform it into a national multi-modal show arena. 

The respective financing agreements will enter into force on the date on which they have been signed by the last party, with the exception of the Financing Agreement Support for the Implementation of the EU-Moldova Association Agreement. The later financing agreement will enter into force on the date on which the Commission receives notification from the Republic of Moldova confirming the completion of the internal procedures necessary for its entry into force.