Closing Conference reviewed the results of EU Twinning Project on developing an effective internal control and audit environment in public sector

Tue, 17/09/2019 - 05:02 |

The EU Twinning Project "Support to development of an effective internal control and audit environment in the public sector in Moldova", launched in September 2017 and implemented during two years by the Ministry of Finance, together with the consortium consisting of the German Federal Office of Administration (BVA) and the Romanian Ministry of Public Finance has successfully been completed. 

The official closing event of the Project took place September 12, SUMMIT Events Conference Centre, 49/ Tighina Street, Chisinau, Barcelona Hall.

The conference was attended by the Minister of Finance, Mrs. Natalia Gavrilița, H.E. Ambassador Peter Michalko, Head of European Union Delegation to the Republic of Moldova, H.E. the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Republic of Moldova Mrs. Angela Ganninger, H.E. the Ambassador of Romania to the Republic of Moldova Mr. Daniel Ioniță and representatives of administrations from Germany, Romania and the Republic of Moldova, as well as international experts. 

Mrs. Natalia Gavrilița, the minister of finance underlined that the commitment and the combined efforts of all interested parties, starting from the employees, internal auditors, operational managers till the highest top management level, including political level – represent the needed premises for the successful development of the public internal financial control.

The Project provided support to the Moldovan Ministry of Finance in the process of reforming public finance management, by strengthening the internal control and audit environment in line with best EU practices. The key results of the project are:

Development of amendments to the Law on Public Internal Financial Control;
Development of a range of secondary regulations, guidelines and methodologies related to the sector;
Improved risk management in the sector;
Training of 15 trainers / multipliers in the field of internal audit;
Increasing the level of expertise of internal auditors in the public sector, of managers and coordinators of internal managerial control

The results have been obtained by training employees, exchanging experience with EU Member States’ experts, implementation of surveys and of other assessments.

The final results of the Project and its benefits for the Moldovan citizens will become more visible once the new normative framework is implemented and by applying new methodologies, thus facilitating both the development of internal managerial control systems as well as the increase of quality of internal audit activity.

Mr. Jens Motel, the MS Project Leader underlined that after 2 years of collaboration to improve Internal Managerial Control and Internal Audit in Moldova, the beneficiary country should further pursue the goals we prepared together.

Mrs. Mioara Diaconescu, the Romanian Junior Project Leader underlined that the project that is finalized now must be seen as a library, a big box in which the experts have provided instruments, methodologies, recommendations. These might be used anytime, to be taken from the shelf and transpose into practice. 

Twinning is the European Union’s instrument, which supports direct collaboration among the EU public institutions and the partner countries (beneficiaries). Twinning projects mobilise the expertise of the state agencies of the EU Member States and the beneficiary countries towards achievement of agreed mandatory results by dint of implementing arrangements based on equal partnership.