State Treasury

The State Treasury is a General Directorate within the Ministry of Finance. The State Treasury's mission is to develop and implement the state policy on Public Finance Management and transparency.

The main functions are:

· the efficient execution of the national public budgets;

· the drafting and approving of the methodology for the execution of the component budgets of the national public budget through the treasury system of the Ministry of Finance, and the maintenance of accounting records and reporting systems;

·  the cash management and forecasting;

·  the accounting and reporting of assets and liabilities, state revenues and expenditures;

· the provision of relevant methodological and advisory assistance to budgetary institutions and natural and legal persons.

The Treasury aims at achieving its goals through:

·      the establishment of the Single Treasury Account and the gradual expansion of its coverage;

·      the reform of the accounting and reporting systems for better alignment with the international standards;

·      the continuous improvement of the automated budget execution processes.



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